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Kiwi Chutney

One of true creations of inspirations that was so instantly popular among my dinner guests that they wanted its recipe on the blog asap. By rights this recipe could be listed under the variations of the five-spice tomato chutney (here), but it is unique enough that I figured I’ll give it its own space.

Peel and cut hard (read unripe) kiwis – mine had been sitting on my table top for almost a week and were showing no signs of ripening or softening – into eighths and remove any bits of the hard pithy core that you may have trouble cutting through. In a saucepan heat up a goodly quantity of oil (mustard oil if you have it but a good fruity olive oil will do just fine) with 2-3 tsp of panch phoron (link) spices. When the mustard begins to crackle add a knuckle-sized knob of fresh ginger that has been chopped into little chunks as well as dried red chillies to taste. stir for a few second and add the chunk of kiwi along with a pinch of turmeric, salt and 1 tsp of sugar. Stir through and allow to cook at a simmer until fruit is softened, pulpy and glazed, adding some water if necessary to cook it.

The back story… folks were over for dinner, it being Darwin’s birthday weekend, and also Richard Hoath’s (not the only reason we called him our resident Darwin). Mustard Shrimp was on the menu and since that’s a recipe that traces its origins to the Bengalis I thought I’d try a few other dishes along the same theme. One thing they do is to always serve a chutney as a palate cleanser after the potent mustard sauce. It’s not mango season and I wasn’t sure I ha enough tomatoes but wait! I had some week-old kiwis on the dining table, which were, as I said earlier, showing no signs of wanting to ripen. So they became the main chutney ingredient. Belle, Melanie, Richard and Peter, this one’s for all you to have a row over …

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