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Scrumptious salads

Salads are either over or under-valued in most meals. But done well they can be well, just right. Often I find, simple is best, a bit of a departure for me who likes a long list of ingredients and layering of flavors and textures. All of that works too, but the best salads are the ‘cleanest’ so to speak in flavor. In the pages that follow are some of my experiments with vegetables and often fruits to produce those roughage-providing, palate-cleansing, and occasionally meal-replacing bites of freshness on a plate. And since I always acknowledge compliments, thanks Vishes for labeling me as a master-chef after trying out a couple of my experimental salads.

P.S: Some recipes should probably be classified or rather, cross-listed under this heading but since that feature is not possible, I’ll provide a list here that links you to that page:

Peach salad with or without tuna sashimi

Salad from Sara

Butterfruit or avocado salad

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