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This salad is basically an unmashed guacamole (aka butterfruit) and hence the silly title. Simplicity itself this salad, but it goes down well and fast. Right now with the abundance of ripe avocados from our tree in Bangalore, and a virtual mini-forest of basil as well, we make this salad often and consume it with gusto.

Cut up a ripe (but still firm if possible) avocado into chunks, sprinkling with some lemon or lime juice or any other citrus (yesterday it was a sour orange) to prevent discoloration. Cut up an equal proportion of fresh and as juicy as possible tomatoes into eighths, chiffonade an abundance of basil leaves (or cilantro or a combination as desired or available) and toss both in with the avocados with salt and pepper to taste and perhaps a little more citrus. Avoid over-handling so avocados are not bruised. Heat some olive oil to which you’ve added several cloves (to taste) of chopped garlic and when the oil sizzles but before the garlic gets too brown pour this over the salad as a dressing. If you like cukes (I do) add chunky cubes to the salad as well–acting on Mum’s advice do this just before serving so that they stay crisp and don’t lose water and dilute the rest of the salad as well.

Evidently I’m not the only one who has had this bright idea. I got the photograph from a website that basically has the same idea. Their dressing is fussier (I don’t care for honey when I have tomatoes or avocadoes but hey unto each their own).

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