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PBM Wings for Corona compatriots

This one is especially for my COVID-19 cohabitants in West Yorkshire: Brigida from Italy and Amanda, our lovely hostess, with whom I enjoyed them for supper today.

Make a marinade or sludgy rub by mixing together a few tablespoons of peanut butter (my preference is for chunky but smooth works just as well), a nice strong miso paste (I used a nice deep brown-rice miso I got at the local organic market. but again, it’s cook’s choice. Only thing I hesitate to recommend white because it get lost in the other bolder flavors), any nice Asian chili sauce or sambal (I used a homemade concoction of red chillies, garlic (lots) and some sesame oil) with a bit of honey and loosened/thinned out with a little light soy sauce or fish sauce and a splash of rice vinegar if desired.  Rub this mixture all over as many chicken wings as you happen to have handy and let rest for a bit, 1/2 hour to overnight even.

When ready to cook, line a baking tray with foil grease to avoid anything from sticking and arrange wings and pour some of the thinned out marinade over it, before topping nice aromatic oil–sesame or peanut. Cover loosely with some foil and bake low and slow. I used a convection oven–called fan here in England–at 150 degrees Celsius, which is bout about not exactly 300 degrees F, for 1.5-2hours. The last time I made it the heat setting was even lower and to tell you the truth, I’d even forgotten about it until Amanda, the homeowner, wondered–anosmia alert!– why supper was smelling like chocolate (it’s the peanut butter, I think). About 5-10 minutes before serving, remove the foil from the top, change the oven setting to broil (230 degrees C  or so) for 2 min.

Serve with a nice salad, e.g. Chinese-style smashed cucumbers or in the classic American style with celery and blue cheese dip (or both).


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