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Just dessert(s)

Every meal deserves its just desserts even if it’s just a cup of good masala chai. Which is technically a beverage, but heck, when it’s sweet, milky, spiced and served at the tail end of a meal, it spells dessert to me. As does a glass of good port accompanied with a Stilton, (other cheeses welcome but optional) and/or some dark chocolate. Often I’ll opt for these or other after-dinner liqueurs when I’ve been too lazy or busy to get a dessert together tho since my years in Heidelberg, I’ve been wont to whip up a dessert at moments notice . Depending on location and availability just beat up some quark or mascarpone or creme-fraiche or labneh with honey or sugar, some liqueur for flavor and some extra cream. Fold in or top over fresh (mangoes or berries or both) or stewed/poached (pears, dried apricots, dried figs) fruit, dust with some spice like cinnamon and serve chilled. It’s deceptively light and vast quantities do tend to vanish relatively quickly. Shamelessly plagiarizing Julia Child (liked the movie, didn’t care much for Julie’s book though I did love Julia’s own My Life in France) I’ll leave you with these wishes…Bon Appetite

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