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Herb salad

Here’s my take on an Iranian salad that I’ve read about and loved the idea of, with herbs and greens, radishes, and nuts and cheese. It’s slightly different every time I make it, owing to available ingredients, but always scrumptious.

What you need–at least one from each category.

Combination of any of the following herbs: Mint, Coriander, Parsley & Dill

Greens: Fresh young spinach, Watercress, Iceberg Lettuce

Chunky veges (and fruit?): Radishes, Cucumbers, Salad onions (or spring onions), Green or other apples, celery,

Plenty of fresh lemon juice or lime juice or a combination (This ingredient is possibly the only MUST).

Feta cheese; maybe substitute with a mild and semi-soft goat’s cheese.

Toasted walnuts or pecans, pumpkin or sunflower seeds (or a combination).

Salt & pepper to taste

Nice flavorful salad oil–I’ve used olive (duh!), and also pumpkin (very flavorful) but I imagine that a walnut oil would be fantastic too.

Layer  different ingredients in a bowl–I alternate the greens, chunk veges with salt and pepper and lemon juice, herbs, cheese and repeat a couple of times. Pour over the oil, lightly mix,  sprinkle nuts, mix once more and serve.  Will post photograph the next time I make this dish.

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