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Kari (or curry) podi

The reason for the alternate spelling of curry here is that this masala is a South Indian mix that is used to flavor dry, sauteed vegetable preparations including eggplants and okra as well as root veges such as potatoes or baby taro (colocasia or hairy potatoes are some other names they go by). The etymology of the word curry/kari as it’s used here traces to the Tamil word for coal. Presumably the outer part of the vegetable needed to be crisped up to resemble coal while yet avoiding burning. Anyway, it’s a staple spice mixture in my kitchen and despite being so relatively easy to make, I still get my Mom to make it for me!

P.S. The salt goes directly into the food being prepped and is not added to the spice mix ahead of time.

Dry roast equivalent amounts of urad and chana daal with a pinch of asofoetida if desired. Turn the heat off and add a desierd quantity of whole dried red chilles stirring till they too are toasted (the heat sources will be the pan and the daals). Allow the mixture to cool and grind to a grainy consistency (think coarse sand for texture).

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