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Chana masala

Something my Mom insists should be made from scratch.. and I will admit it’s way yummier than store-bought stuff.


¼ cup cumin seeds, roasted (toasted) on a skillet until smoking and deep brown in color.
2 tbsp black peppercorns
2 tbsp coriander seeds
1-2 dried red chillies (you can always add additional chilly powder to the dish)

Optional (in alphabetical order)- Try to include at least two or three of these spices but don’t stress too much if something is unavailable:

2-3 bay leaves
1 -2 pods of the large black variety of cardamom or 1- 1½ tsp of the smaller green variety
1 -2 cinnamon sticks
1 tsp cloves
½ – 1 tsp fenugreek seeds
Small quantity nutmeg

Roast all the spices briefly in a pan (roast the red chillies last) and then grind them into a powder in a coffee grinder. Stir in 1-2 tsp of amchur (dried mango powder) or powdered anardana (pomegranate seed) if available. Recently in Egypt, the spice sumac stood in admirably as well.

Tip: Fresh roasted spices really make the dish taste good, but if you’re making the mix to last don’t roast them. It will lose its flavor earlier.


  Pen & Shutter wrote @

Hi! I’ve been using your Chole recipe for years and am confident it never goes wrong! I just read your Chole masala recipe and would like a clarification … did you use sumac instead of amchur/ anardana?

  sankablog wrote @

Yes… it might turn the chole a bit reddish, but it works great in a pinch. And btw thanks for reading and using

  Pen & Shutter wrote @

Your Chole recipe has become my “go to, fool proof” – so I must thank YOU! The only thing I forget each and every time is that I fine chop the onions instead of slicing them! But it works too!

  sankablog wrote @

so sorry–I’m only just seeing this and would like to thank you.. this is great to know.

  Pen & Shutter wrote @

Also, may I share your recipe link on my blog please?

  sankablog wrote @

Absolutely! I’d be flattered

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