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Raspberries salsified

Summer 2016 (well more or less given that I’m in London) and here’s another occasion for inventing a salsa: we had the classic tomato and a guac too, but I wanted one more, something different. Well,  no golden fruit (mangoes, peaches or pineapples) were to be had, but hey there were reds aplenty. Strawberries which were perfect for dessert (if we ever got there) but also some punnets of raspberries which weren’t ripened to perfection. But they formed a great base for a good salsa, so…  blitzed a few with a green jalapeno and a couple of cloves of garlic,  then mashed the remaining raspberries into mixture with the back of a fork adding salt (smoked if you have it) to taste and a few squeezes of lime or lemon depending on need. Stirred in finely chopped coriander leaves (would have added mint too had it been at hand) and sprinkled the whole with some flakes of smoked chilli/garlic from a grinder in my cousin’s pantry. The results were good.. we downed the entire batch in quite short order.

2019 addendum

Went for a reboot of the raspberry salsa at Krupa’s place. This time it was simpler with just three ingredients and some salt: sweet-tart raspberries, one largish hot cherry pepper charred and peeled –lends a nice smokiness to the salsa–and mint leaves — enough to taste and freshen but not so much as to overpower. Went down just easy this time.. was especially popular with Lalitha, who likes the hot stuff!



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