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Butterfruit (Avocado)

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Just imagine cutting open an avocado at the peak of its ripeness, and you will immediately get why it is called butter-fruit in parts of Karnataka and Kerala in South India. Both the yellow color and the butter-soft texture make this name so so appropriate. Anyway a few years I found out that avocados were actually a popular ingredient in a Muslim community known as the “Moplas.” This recipe here is an adaptation of something I read about and tried, predictably enough to recreate in the kitchen. It also happens to be my contribution to a recipe chain mail I’ve mentioned in a recent post:

1. Coarsely mash up 1-2 ripe avocados with a fork, along with some lime or lemon juice, salt to taste and some finely chopped cilantro/coriander leaves (depending on what you call it where you are, but I mean the same thing). Cover and set aside. Alternatively you can do this step after getting the onions frying.

2. Thinly slice an onion (or 2 small one – red or white no matter)  into half circles that are halved again. Slice a few cloves of garlic and a small piece of ginger into thin strips.

3. In a skillet on wok heat some oil (coconut if you have it, olive oil always works) along with a 1/2 to 1 tsp of mustard seeds. When the seed begin to splutter and sputter add 1-2 slit green chilly peppers (serrano, Jalapeno…) and a sprig’s worth of curry leaves (if you have them or mint leaves too). then add the chopped aromatics,  and saute until onions are crisp around the edges. Add a few coarsely chopped cashews and an aromatic curry powder to taste give a few more seconds atop the stove. When the raw smell of the curry powder goes away turn heat off. Pour mixture over the avocado mash and stir gently to mix, Garnish with some toasted coconut if available and eat along with rotis, tortillas, toast or, if you’re really lucky, hoppers aka aapams  (a sort of fermented batter pancake that is a specialty of coastal South India and Sri Lanka).

There are more ways to twist this tale of avocados. Check out variations in how to extend or ‘healthify’ green or coconut chutneys with them.

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