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South meets south

So the other day I was watching an episode from the current season of Top Chef, which is based in Charleston this year. The challenge was to make a creative brunch to serve a large number of people, that both celebrated the local ingredients and traditions, but also brought in the chef’s personal touch and experience. Here’s what I thought would have made for a cool South Indian spin on ingredients from the American South, using grits, green tomatoes, buttermilk and okra:

Upma korykotai (grit dumplings), something that Amma has done for decades. Will provide link when I include the recipe.

Green tomato chutney, using the gingery pacchidi recipe I posted a long time ago.

South Indian styled kadi (buttermilk broth) using deep fried okra as garnish.

To give yet another dairy punch, small pots of either bhapa-dohi with peaches, or chilled masala chai flavored baked custard.

Would have worked really well given the over-night prep time they allowed for this challenge. Could make and shaped dumplings night before and steam them in morning, before which would get chutney going. Time permitting prep the okra by washin, drying thoroughly and slitting the night before. Originally I thought to even deep frying ahead of time but to add them only shortly before serving would offer a better texture I think. Finally make the dessert and put in fridge also night before.