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Eight ways

Thanks to Manasi Khanna, a former student and now an entrepreneur in food world (check out her website at Tasty Talks) , I’ve just participated in my first formal food event as curator and head-cook of an event where people have actually paid to attend and eat food that I’ve cooked! The Oct 9, 2021 meal was a tribute to those purple princes of the vegetable kingdom, although their green-and-white Thai cousins made a guest appearance, albeit disguised beyond recognition. Here with photos is the menu together with the descriptions of each course that we provided at the event. No recipes yet, I’m sorry. They may appear in due course under the appropriate pages

The evening was a lot of fun if exhausting–the company was great and they seemed to love the food. One would think I’m eggplanted out and I am somewhat to be sure but even so, I am going to eat some tonight. I need to use up some of the uncooked vege still in in my fridge before it rots. So am trying whole new recipe hailing from Orissa, another Eastern state in India. Recipe courtesy my dear friend-almost-sister Charu, whose Mom hailed from those parts.