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The garbage-can chapter

Banana peels (okay plaintain peels), broccoli stalks, and chicken livers … are not things that one regularly stocks up on in the pantry or kitchen. Neither do I actually but my friends (most notably and repeatedly AD) tease me about my tendency to make food out of ingredients that most people would discard or at least, ignore. In fact AD describes it in much more vivid and colorful terms (something to do with scrabbling about in the garbage can) but since I can’t do his descriptions justice I won’t even try. In my defense I will say that each one of these ingredients is a legitimate food somewhere in the world other than my own kitchen. But yes, my friends are right in that the less likely an ingredient the more determined I am to make something of it. The more intrepid of my readers (if there are any) I invite you to try my most adventurous recipes…

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