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Roasted carrots

This one is a riff on a New York Times recipe I once read … except that I added almonds among other things and since then it’s taken on other forms as well. The one uniform element: Oven-roasted carrots. Peel carrots and depending on thickness slit them lengthwise into halves or even quarters. Rub with a mixture of salt and a little cumin and cayenne if desired. Submerge in olive oil (my preference) or toss with a generous amount of oil in any event. Add some almonds and roast in the oven until tender but still with a bite. Let cool to room temperature.

If a lot of oil was used remove carrots and almonds from the them and reserve most the oil for future use. Whisk together some of the spiced oil with orange juice and creme fraiche. Fold back in with carrots & almonds along with a generous addition of dill.

Another variation I tried more recently included a coriander scented olive oil which worked marvels for the carrot, and tahini instead of creme fraiche which gave a nice sesame flavor to the whole thing. Sturdier salad leaves, kale or arugula, instead of the herby dill added more body. A good variation.

Bon Appetit.

Yet another variation was to rub with the carrot-top chimichurri instead of simple olive oil, in which case salting & spicing before the oil is optional.

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