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Radish & walnut chutney

This recipe is a riff  on something I have read about but never had the chance to sample authentically… although I might say that goes for most Kashmiri food save for aloo dum. I should also thank various food bloggers for their versions.. mine is a spicier alternative with an herbal twist based on the particular ingredients I had at hand.

Strain some (a few ladles of) homemade yogurt through muslin (or as I did, a coffee filter) till thick, creamy and a trifle sourer than usual. Or use Greek yogurt which comes conveniently strained. And if you’re in the middle east, labneh would work nicely too, though not the kind in olive oil already. Once thickened to your satisfaction sprinkle with salt and a roasted cumin powder to taste. You may also add a few grinds of black pepper if you wish. In a small blender blend together a piece of daikon radish (a 3-4 inch long piece ought to do) peeled and hacked into largish cubes (or if you prefer a handful of small cleaned red radishes), an equivalent amount by volume of walnuts (if they feel stale roast them lightly),  a clove of garlic, green chillies to taste, and optionally a small red onion or half a larger one. I used two small shallots because I think they are just a little nicer tasting… and don’t compete with or overpower the radish. If you need some liquid to bind the ingredients use lemon or lime juice. Add the blended mixture to the yogurt and stir well, adding some green herbs (I believe dried mint is the usual but not having any I went for fresh chopped chives) for an added kick. Check seasoning .. salt if necessary. Voila.. your chutney is ready to relish!

So some serving suggestions: It made for a nice pungent sidekick to a main of restaurant bought biryani but was also yum as a spread on sourdough toast. A dip for pita or naan? Stir a spoonful into a bowl of daal perhaps as a variation on the pistou theme? Possibilities are endless as always. Write in if you have any ideas.


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