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One of my favorite things about summer around the Great Lakes of North America are fresh tree ripened peaches. Or for that matter not fully ripe yet. Here’s a recipe that was invented using a peaches and sundry leftovers in the fridge especially tahini.

Slice peaches, season lightly with salt and pepper and mix together with ribbons of mint and some flavorful vegetable that delivers a different texture: this time around there was come nice crisp fresh celery about and so sliced a few stalks  crosswise and tossed with the peaches. Also stirred in a half handful of slivered toasted almonds. The first layer of dressing was a combination of tahini (thanks to an overzealous host ordering-in Middle Eastern food) and the juice of an orange. A second layer (although in a pinch it could be stirred into the dressing) was that of a flavored virgin olive oil.

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