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Turkey 2016

Happy Thanksgiving all. Despite some bleak things in my life lately– joblessness for 17 months and counting…, Trump as president elect, other fascists ruling elsewhere–the food and togetherness of this festival in the US never fails to remind me how MUCH I have to be grateful for. And here I offer some nifty ways to adapt the classic TxG staples–turkey, stuffing, roasted roots etc–in the days that follow. Well here’s one recipe and others will follow as I make and post em:

Stuffing soup


Turkey biryani (no links for this one, but mentioning it because I remember cooking this atop Shomik & Renu’s stove top in 2004. Don’t think it ever made it to the table but was consumed directly from the pot by all those of us who passed it by).

Hot cranberry pickle (thokku)