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When I started this blog back in the day, it was meant to be a repository of recipes and anecdotes which would eventually become a cookbook. In fact more than one cookbook–one was going to have the same title as this blog, i.e. Living the Good Life, originally with the extension as a graduate student (as was the case with this blog actually), but those days being long gone and good food still being one of the things that makes life good, I think the truncation is better. But there was always a second idea, maybe not strictly a cookbook but a food tour with recipes where possible and mere descriptions of dishes and places to eat them, which I would title Around the World in Eighty Meals (my love for literary allusions lives on!). Fast forward to the present day and I have yet another idea–a food and culture book about the lesser or even unknown cuisines of India, but that I’ll save for later–though there may be come overlaps.

My rules for 80 Meals in order to make this a authentically personal book are simple.. I must have visited the country myself and be able to either cook or described a restaurant where I ate said meal. India, where I grew up will obviously be featured, although I’ll stick mainly to breakfasts and snacks/street food there because they are unusual, even unique, compared to the rest of world. For the rest I will make a list in roughly chronological order of my visits or residence. This will be “vanity project” for sure and something I’m going to use as my “productive procrastination” project (another of my favorite writerly tics–alliteration). In case it comes to fruition.. remember you saw it here first!

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